Aerial Lifting Sessions in Oman

286 Loads and 3km of rock fence barriers in musandam, Oman

“the major factor is to coordinate with the ground crew the positioning of the element”

We have made part of a project this month of March in Khasab, Musandam, Oman, providing lifting support to STFA Oman, a contracting company, during eight days in the construction of fences in the mountains of Khasab. 3km of rock barriers were completed with a total of 268 loads in two operational phases.

Helicopters serve as an agile and highly-efficient solution for clients, when confronted with the task of carrying out external load operations such as this one. Done in an areas inaccessible by on-ground vehicles and where a regular crane cannot be used.

Our Bell 212s are here to serve in heavy lifting specialized operations, holding up to 1.2 tons of heavy materials in support to contracting companies that need to reach unattainable places.

AeroGulf has proudly made part of big heavy lifting projects that vary from the placement of AC units in high top Dubai buildings to the transportation of aerial banners for advertising campaigns and others.

Precision external loads are our expertise, as our utmost experienced professional pilots have accomplished great lifting projects in which the major factor is to coordinate with the ground crew the positioning of the element on the spot. Vertical reference or long line is one of AeroGulf’s exceptional special operations services.

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