Aerial Work

AEROGULF offers its customers the capability of accessing difficult and remote terrain/locations for whatever purpose. Whether you need our reliable twin-engined Bell 212 Workhorse to delivery under-slung cargo payloads, to transport passengers to remote sites, or for remote survey and seismic support work, we have an economical option for your needs. Our efficient and economical fleet of Bell 212 and 206 helicopters will allow us to recommend the best option to suit both your requirements and your budget. AEROGULF prides itself in offering its customers a safe and cost-effective aerial work solution. We have a lot of return customers!

AERIAL CRANE: We have specialized in Aerial Crane work for many years, offering many advantages in manpower and timesaving costs.  Our helicopters enable contractors to work quickly and safely to precisely position air-conditioning units and other essential heavy items onto rooftops or difficult locations. Where the traditional crane cannot reach, our Bell 212 usually can! We offer highly competitive, all-inclusive pricing for aerial lifting work. Additional fee costs for necessary permits and waivers may apply. Our normal maximum under-slung load is approximately 3000 lbs or 1364 kgs in ideal winter temperature conditions at sea-level.

Note: AEROGULF does not subcontract directly through Agents or Brokers via this means. All Agents and Brokers must contact us directly and state that they are Agents or Brokers. Normally AEROGULF will deal directly with the end-user client to ensure the best possible quotation for the customer.

Please contact us to request a ‘Helicopter Aerial Work/Under-slung Load Questionnaire’, so that we may more fully understand your particular requirements and better cater for them. (Please note that strict Terms and Conditions apply to all Aerial Work operations).

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