Brand New Bell 505 In Our Hangar

if you have not had a chance to check out the bell 505, we have news for you.

AeroGulf has always had very good working relations with Bell Flight, as the majority of our fleet is Bell (206 and 212), because of that, during Bell Flight’s display campaigns throughout the world and the region, their 505 has made its way to the  MEBAA show in December 2018 along with their 429.

They have kept its 505 aircraft in our hangar, showcasing its best features on ground and throughout the skies of Dubai. Mr. Martin Sinclair, one of AeroGulf’s pilots, had the great opportunity of conversing a Bell Flight representative about the Jet Ranger X.

The Bell 505 is the first helicopter in its class to feature a fully integrated glass flight deck featuring the Garmin G1000H tm avionics suite. This system provides unparalleled crew situational awareness and reduced pilot workload, resulting in enhanced safety and mission capabilities. The system includes engine instruments on PDF/MFD with Power Station Indicator (PSI), Engine Indication System (EIS), Crew Alerting (EICAS Fuel Flow, Fuel Temperature, Automated Power Assurance Check; single VHF COM/NAV/GPS with WAAS.

The Jet Ranger X is equipped with the proven and reliable Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine, delivering 504 shaft horsepower. Equipped with a dual channel FADEC, the ARRIUS 2R divides improved fuel efficiency, start-up protection and full integration with the aircraft avionics system.

The Bell 505’s open cabin layout with 61ft/1.73 m3 of rear cabin provides forward facing, energy attenuating seats that can be easily switch between passenger transport to utility missions/ he cabin’s fully flat floor with integrated tie downs accommodates any mission needs.

Its doors open for more cargo space and better passenger comfort, accommodating for any mission needed. Additionally, passengers have ample baggage space with its 18 ft. /0.5 m3 baggage bay.

Updated upgrades:

  • Synthetic vision
  • Helicopter terrain avoidance warning system (capital)
  • Second CHF Com Radio
  • Traffic Advisory System

References taken from Bell Flight

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