VIP, Private and Corporate Helicopter Management

AEROGULF would be pleased to advise clients on the purchase and operation of any specific type of VIP/PRIVATE/CORPORATE helicopter under its Helicopter Management Service (HMS). This service is aimed at potential helicopter owners in the above categories who would like to make use of a true ‘TURN-KEY’ Helicopter Management Service, covering the following provisions:

    • Expert advice and professional assistance from AEROGULF’s highly qualified and experienced team in the sourcing, refitting and purchasing of suitable helicopter(s) for the Customer’s particular requirements. Whether buying a new or pre-owned aircraft,  including dealing with manufacturer’s and brokers on the purchaser’s behalf, we aim to give VIP, Private and Corporate Owners the best value for money from owning their own helicopter.
    • Assistance in properly Importing and registering the aircraft within the UAE and ensuring that the  client’s operation remains in strict compliance with local regulatory requirements.
    • Provision of a full-service contract for the maintenance of any such VIP/PRIVATE or CORPORATE helicopter, including on-site maintenance at any local private residence, giving owners peace of mind in the quality of their own aircraft’s maintenance and serviceability.
    • Provision of a Full-Service Contract for the provision of suitable Pilot(s) for any such helicopter(s), with relief/replacement pilots provided when necessary. All pilots are strictly vetted by AEROGULF to ensure suitability for the client and professional ability for the aircraft chosen.
    • Ability to Charter such helicopters when not required by the owner and to be chartered by other HMS owners when their own helicopter is not available or under maintenance.
    • Secure storage at AEROGULF’s Dubai World Central main facility as and when required.
    • Expert advice on the location and design of a private or corporate helipad, storage hangar or aircraft shelter.
    • Health, Safety and Security advice on the location and use of the client’s aircraft.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Helicopter Management Service.

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