Wet and Dry Lease Contractual Work

Whether for Onshore Field Work or Offshore Oil & Gas Support Operations, AEROGULF would be pleased to offer you a solution to your Helicopter Support problem. Depending on your particular requirements, we can offer you a range of options from a full ‘DRY’ LEASE (aircraft only), ‘DAMP’ LEASE (Aircraft with some provision of Maintenance and Crewing), to a full ‘WET’ (FULL SERVICE)

LEASE with the choice of a full ‘TURN-KEY’ operation, where we will provide everything on site or a graded level of service to suit the particular operation, location and customer requirement.

Note: AEROGULF does not subcontract directly through Agents or Brokers via this means. All Agents and Brokers must contact us directly and state that they are Agents or Brokers. Normally AEROGULF will deal directly with the end-user client to ensure the best possible quotation for the customer.

Please contact us to request a ‘Helicopter Lease Questionnaire’, so that we may more fully understand your particular requirements and better cater for them.’

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