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AeroGulf Services has served the UAE and MENA  region's helicopter requirements since 1976 and has established a proud reputation as a reliable and highly-professional Offshore and Onshore Helicopter Service Provider for more than 40 years. Our team is available around the clock to offer turnkey solutions to our valued clients and partners requiring aviation services.

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1 Training

In the aim of improving the skills of our own team and supporting the industry, AeroGulf has developed training programs designed to enhance processes, increase efficiency and expand knowledge in the flight and engineering fields.

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2 Engineering Services
Engineering Services

AeroGulf's Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) team has heightened skills in organization and planning, always maintaining safety as the primary objective for their daily work routines. Our staff is committed to employing cutting edge technology and equipment for the client's benefit.

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3 Flight Operations
Flight Operations

Flight operations offer increased efficiency and innovation for a plethora of industry segments in this day and age. No matter the purpose, all specialized aerial operations require comprehensive planning and a deep understanding of the expected deliverables. AeroGulf Services offers turnkey solutions to clients by providing support during all phases of the project from planning to closing. Under AeroGulf, aircraft are equipped and deployed to address the specialized needs of clients in areas such as Precision External Loads, Parachuting, Aerial Photography & Filming, Law Enforcement, Air Ambulance, and Offshore Oil & Gas Support. Through the utilization of AeroGulf’s versatile helicopter fleet and associated service offerings, clients can benefit from the unparalleled advantages of comprehensive, 24-hour assistance of experienced industry professionals.

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