Ground Operations/Ramp Officer

AeroGulf Services is looking for Ground Operations/Ramp Officers, the successful candidates will be part of the Ground Operations Department.

Job Category: Operations

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: DWC Airport, Dubai

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for supporting the landing and departure of scheduled helicopters in a safe and timely manner and the oversight of daily ground handling duties,
  • Ensuring aircraft ground handling is carried out as per company procedures.
  • Ensuring that Fuel testing/sampling of aircraft and bowsers is carried out.
  • Ensuring that passengers’ cargo/baggage are handled safely
  • Ensuring that all ground equipment subject to daily checks has had the checks satisfactorily carried out.
  • Aircraft towing and fork lift operating if authorized
  • Ensuring that all GSE equipment is clean, tidy and positioned in the correct/designated areas;
  • Carrying out passenger & cargo loading and handling procedures
  • Ensuring ramp safety (including fire prevention, rotor movement Areas.)
  • Ensuring that all ground equipment is secured against movement due to rotor downdraught, propeller wash or wind conditions;
  • Ensuring that the wheel brakes and wheel chocks of ground equipment (i.e. power supplies, baggage trolleys, engine wash rigs, etc.) are applied or in place when they are positioned near any aircraft.


  • Previous experience of 3 to 5 years in the field with recommendations.
  • Proficient communication in the English language.
  • Minimum educational level: High School Diploma or Similar.
  • Should hold a valid UAE Manual Driving License


  • Effective communication skills with his/her team and direct supervisor.

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