Skydive Dubai Sets Another World Guinness Record

AeroGulf’s Support to SkyDive Dubai Desert Camp into setting another World Guinness Record.

Making part of magnificent and world recognized projects is always a pleasure for AeroGulf. This time, we participated and contributed with Sky Dive Dubai Desert Campus to obtain the Guinness World Records award for flying the largest flag while skydiving.Whi

The flag of our great nation, the UAE, which measured 4,885.65 square-meters and weighed 95 kilos flew on the skies of the Dubai Desert and The Palm Jumeirah.

The skydiver exited an AeroGulf’s Bell 212 helicopter from 9,500 feet above ground level before unfurling the ample flag, which was contained in a bag that was specially designed for the project. The bag was one meter long and 60 cm high and 60 cm wide, and weighed a total of 185 kilos.

The record-breaking flag was then flown over the iconic, man-made Palm Jumeirah Island, on Saturday, December 1, as part of the UAE’s National Day holiday weekend. With the successful completion of this record, Skydive Dubai continues to push the boundaries and strive for excellence, while bringing distinction and recognition to Dubai and to the United Arab Emirates.

AeroGulf’s Capt. Arturo Cruz, pilot supporting and covering this project performed over 6 flights with the skydivers around the Desert Campus practicing with other sized flags in different heights.

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