Aerial Filming And Photography

Aerial Filming And Photography

Over the years, aerial photography and filming have gained popularity as an essential element in the film and media industry, and AeroGulf is proud to have witnessed and aided in the development of such footage.

Since the company's founding in 1976, AeroGulf has worked with numerous players in the motion picture, press, and media industries to provide professional, high-quality helicopter filming platforms in the Middle East.

AeroGulf's customers include the BBC, CNN, Dubai TV, National Geographic, as well as movie, media, and documentary photographers and producers from around the globe. In addition, AeroGulf has recently been working with big local digital production agencies such as Choppershoot, Prime Productions, Go Aerials, Dubai Film, etc…

Through these projects, AeroGulf has built decades of experience in television, video, and movie work using stabilized Wescam and Tyler Mounts with door and nose installations and approved camera platform STCs.

AeroGulf is now the first civilian operator in the UAE to obtain an approved Service Bulletin for the integration and operations of the Wescam Cineflex and Shotover camera systems.

It is important to note that AeroGulf may subcontract directly through agents or brokers. All agents and brokers must contact AeroGulf directly and state their respective designations.

Our most recent addition to our team, in this section, is our Hollywood-certified pilot, Andy Nettleton. He's renowned in the aerial filming industry, having worked in big motion pictures around the world.

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