Specialized Operations

Specialized Operations

AeroGulf has become the benchmark in the region for specialized operations. You can think of AeroGulf as the prime specialized flight operations provider in the GCC.

Jetman & "Mission Human Flight"

AeroGulf Services has had the honor of providing air launching support to the Jetman pilots on their training flights since January 2019, as well as assisting the team with promotional events in Dubai and China, contributing to the helicopter piloting skills needed for the project's great filming and photography sessions. Mission Human Flight is a project that aims to achieve 100% autonomous human flight and a dream that became a reality back in 2020.

Aerial Stunt Support

A part of our specialized operations is to provide aerial support to different filming or extreme sports industries on different occasions. Our highly skilled and experienced pilots, along with the aircraft capabilities put together, make us the favorite choice for these types of missions.

Skydiving Support

Heli-skydiving has become an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional form of skydiving using airplanes. Parachuting from a helicopter offers skydivers unique and unparalleled access to base jump experiences with picturesque views in exciting destinations.

AeroGulf's pilots started Dubai's first International Parachuting Competition in 2010. Having served parachuting national teams in Dubai and other locations, AeroGulf has become a benchmark for heli-skydiving in the region.

Aerial Survey

AeroGulf offers around the GCC Region

Marine Survey Services:

We work with environmental groups, agencies, and research institutes providing aerial surveys in support of their exploration and investigation requirements, flying up to 150 nautical miles offshore.

Onshore Survey Service:

We support the energy and government sectors by providing power lines and other infrastructure inspections around the GCC.

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