Long Line External Lifting

Long Line External Lifting

Our pilots are equipped with special training and have many years of experience with short and long-line cargo. Long-line is our most popular type of aerial lifting.

We specialize in Precision External Loads. Such aerial operations jobs not only require detailed planning; but also an experienced flight crew. Our long-line pilots have at least around 7,000 hours of flight time under their belt in addition to 1,000 hours of experience with 'vertical reference' flying, where the pilot's mission requires them to be focused on looking out and down from the aircraft rather than using the natural horizon.

The Bell 212 has a long legacy of proven reliability in the most demanding missions and environments, particularly in external load operations. Other aircraft excel in terms of speed, but the most important feature provided by the Bell 212 is the stability of its power management. The unique main rotor system is a perfect match for the requirements demanded by these types of operations.

Our maximum lifting capacity is 1.2 tons per load.

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