Banner Towing Advertising

Banner Towing Advertising

Banner towing, or generally known as helicopter banner advertising, is a different approach to marketing as it is more captivating and buzz-generating than other forms of advertising. Banner towing offers state-of-the-art digital artwork capabilities, giving companies the opportunity to showcase their most fascinating works in high resolution to a large audience.

Our banner towing method is perfect for mega-media blitz and ad recall, as we deliver the highest ad recall rates. We are capable of targeting local, regional, and national strategic demographic and geographic locations, and the buzz created on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, helps boost each campaign.

When a helicopter is passing above, we unconsciously look overhead, but with your banner attached to the aircraft, almost instantly, the attention is drawn towards your banner, making it memorable and an enjoyable experience for the viewers.

Helicopter banners are the largest among aerial advertising; they can reach a size of 30,000 – 50,000 square feet.

The advantage helicopters have over fixed-wing aircraft in aerial advertising is the slower flying speed, where the message can be displayed for longer periods. In addition, the upward lift of helicopters allows them to pull significantly heavier banners than other aircraft types. Which in return means a larger banner to be viewed.

Another important advantage helicopter banners have over any other form of advertising, such as billboards, signs, or even balloons, is that when a helicopter flies above in the empty sky, it captivates the eyes of viewers below, and your company's name or message will be remembered.

The beauty of aerial banner advertising has been used for brand awareness, promoting a product, drawing attention to a special event, proposals, etc… because of its uniqueness and its high recall rates.

We offer different types and sizes of banners, made specifically for your needs and requirements.

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