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Flight operations offer increased efficiency and innovation for a plethora of industry segments in this day and age. No matter the purpose, all specialized aerial operations require comprehensive planning and a deep understanding of the expected deliverables. AeroGulf Services offers turnkey solutions to clients by providing support during all phases of the project from planning to closing.

Under AeroGulf, aircraft are equipped and deployed to address the specialized needs of clients in areas such as Precision External Loads, Parachuting, Aerial Photography & Filming, Law Enforcement, Air Ambulance, and Offshore Oil & Gas Support.

Through the utilization of AeroGulf's versatile helicopter fleet and associated service offerings, clients can benefit from the unparalleled advantages of comprehensive, 24-hour assistance of experienced industry professionals.

Oil & Gas

For more than 40 years, one of AeroGulf's primary activities has involved the provision of professional around-the-clock helicopter support to the offshore oil & gas industry in the MENA region.

365 days a year, AeroGulf provides helicopter support under instrument flight rules (IFR) and visual flight rules (VFR) day and night to offshore platforms, installations, and vessels. To ensure the utmost quality of service, AeroGulf's fully IFR-equipped offshore fleet of helicopters is always maintained and operated to the highest international standards.

AeroGulf's versatile range of leasing options allows customers to benefit from the option that best suits their regional and specific aircraft requirements, including a turnkey ACMI option with full crew, maintenance, and insurance support when required.

Upon client request, quotations are available for the provision of IFR / VFR offshore oil & gas support services using Leonardo AW139, Bell 412, and Bell 212 helicopters with day and night MEDEVAC coverage.

AeroGulf operates in full compliance with current UN-Mandated sanctions and restrictions.


Helicopters prove to be an ideal mode of transport for many VIP, Private and Corporate owners, whether they utilize the machines for business or leisure.

When it comes to the maintenance, operation and purchase of aircraft, however, matters are not always so simple.

Safety and integrity are paramount in helicopter management and it is vital that no detail should ever be overlooked. It is for this reason that AeroGulf is proud to offer advisory services for current and potential owners of VIP, Private and Corporate helicopters under its comprehensive Helicopter Management Service (HMS).

To ensure a truly seamless and satisfactory experience, AeroGulf provides clients with customized turnkey solutions covering the following essential helicopter management sectors:

External Cargo: Long Line & Underslung

When confronted with the task of carrying out external load operations in areas inaccessible by on-ground vehicles, helicopters serve as an agile and highly-efficient solution for clients in the MENA region.

AeroGulf is the only operator in this region fully equipped to offer precision long-line operations in areas ranging from unreachable mountainous regions to skyscrapers, malls or any other complex structures located in populated areas.

Four decades of experience in providing air crane solutions has allowed AeroGulf to master every facet of aerial mapping, geophysical surveying, aerial construction, aircraft and vessels recovery, and related domains. Through comprehensive risk assessments and strategic planning, the AeroGulf team is always prepared to provide external cargo operations tailored to specific client requirements.

Aerial Photography & Filming

Aerial photography and filming have gained popularity as an essential element in the film and media industry over the years, and AeroGulf is proud to have witnessed and aided in the development of such footage.

Since the company's founding in 1976, AeroGulf has worked with numerous players in the Motion Picture, Press and Media Industry to provide a professional and high-quality helicopter filming platform in the Middle East.

AeroGulf's customers include the BBC, CNN, Dubai TV, National Geographic, Choptershoot, and movie, media and documentary photographers and producers from around the globe. Through these projects, AeroGulf has built decades of experience in television, video and movie work using stabilized West Cam and Tyler Mounts with door and nose installations and approved Camera Platform STCs.

It is important to note that AeroGulf may subcontract directly through Agents or Brokers via these means. All Agents and Brokers must contact AeroGulf directly and state their respective designations.

Please contact AeroGulf for more information on these services and note that strict Terms and Conditions apply to all such operations.

Aerial Banner Towing

Aerial advertising serves as a unique and eye-catching method of communicating with one's audience. AeroGulf's expertise in aerial banner towing ensures that clients' messages are conveyed in a timely and highly-effective manner through strategic routing tailored to individual needs.

AeroGulf is proud to specialize in aerial banner towing, having recently added to the Guinness World Records for flying the biggest mobile aerial projection to date.

Helicopter Tourist Flights

The United Arab Emirates offers unparalleled beauty in landmarks both traditional and modern, ranging from natural desert landscapes and to stunning man-made islands. From the revered Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to the Burj Khalifa in the heart of Dubai, there is no shortage in supply of breathtaking views one can discover across the country.

Helicopter flights offer tourists new and exciting perspectives, creating profound and impactful memories that will last long after they return home.

Through AeroGulf's Tourist Flights, passengers are flown along strategically mapped and awe-inspiring routes within the UAE. Passengers can take in the nation's wondrous sights while aboard AeroGulf's Bell 206 Long Ranger and Jet Ranger helicopters, as well as the Leonardo AW139 for bigger groups, guided by professional pilots steeped in local knowledge.

Quotations for specific departure points, destinations, photography flights and aerial work can be provided for groups and individuals upon request.

Please note that strict Terms and Conditions apply to all Passenger Charter & 'Fly-Dubai' operations.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services

Being one of the first helicopter operators in the region has allowed AeroGulf to develop its Emergency Medical Services to surpass expectations as a first responder and provider of Interfacility Transfers.

AeroGulf is a pioneer in this field, offering Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) across the UAE, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and additional locations throughout MENA.

In providing 24-hour emergency medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), AeroGulf holds safety and efficiency in the highest regard, taking every measure to aid in the security and health of its passengers.


Heli-skydiving has become an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional form of skydiving using airplanes. Parachuting from a helicopter offers skydivers unique and unparalleled access to base jump experiences with picturesque views in exciting destinations.

AeroGulf's pilots started Dubai's first International Parachuting Competition in 2010. Having served parachuting national teams in Dubai and other locations, AeroGulf has become a benchmark for heli-skydiving in the region.

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