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by Admin Feb 08,2020

Jetman Vincent Refeet taking off on Friday, February 14th, 2020.

On February 14, 2020, Mission Human Flight finally became a reality. The mission consisted of an autonomous take-off by jetman Vincent Refeet, who soared to a high-altitude of 1,800 meters achieving more than a milestone for the Jetman Dubai team and more of a step forward for human innovation.

Jetman project started in 1996 created and founded by Swiss ex-military pilot Yves Rossy, who aimed to help the human-being accomplish the dream of flying. This project abides of a jetman flying a jet pack without steering control, a system that has no flaps and no rudder; he uses his body to steer the wing: pushing his arms and legs in different directions to help him move.

Jetman Dubai was founded in 2015 under the sponsorship of XDubai, a company that supports ‘sports as a culture’ in Dubai lead by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, who always shows his encouragement to the team through his social media accounts.


AeroGulf has had the pleasure of providing support for their training flights launching its jetmen from the skies since January 2019 as well as assisting the team with promotional events in Dubai, China and soon Europe, contributing with the helicopter piloting skills needed for their great filming and photography sessions: “We’re very proud of having made part of their journey that today has been recognized worldwide as a step forward for Humanity“- Fahad Khoory, CEO of AeroGulf Services.

One of the Jetman flight training sessions during 2019

Jetman Dubai will be participating at the Dubai EXPO 2020, which is set to start in October this year. The EXPO is promoting technological innovation through Mission Human Flight (see video), a project that aims to achieve 100% autonomous human flight and a dream that became a reality.


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